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About roko engineering

Roko engineering is an engineering company founded in 2021 in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are a team of programmers, electrical and mechanical engineers brought together with a vision to design, develop and build electric-powerd solutions for a better tomorrow. From converting electric cars with ICE to electric power to designing and building electic-powered prototype industrial solutions, our main focus is on e-mobility, but we also offer other services such as CNC machining, plasma cutting, 3D printing, sheet metal bending, etc.
We are able to design, develop and build your products from the ground up.
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What We Do


CNC milling, sheet metal plasma cutting and bending, 3D printing...
All modern manufacturing technologies at one place, ready to produce your parts. You name it, we have it and deliver it in the shortest possible time using our machines combined with latest CAD/CAM softwares.


Classic car conversions

Fully restoring and converting classic cars from ICE to 400V electric powertrain. Our first project is the iconic Italian car, specialized in maneuvering narrow streets, the Fiat 500. We took components from BMW i3 and adapted them to fit our little Fiat, fine tuned the electric motor and BMS and will soon release him to the streets of the world.

Industrial solutions

Developing your ideas from start to finish. Designing, builidng, engineering and programming your ideas to fully functional products.
We bring a new product to the electric vehicle market that will change the way you think about electric vehicles and that can be implemented both in industrial and private use.

Completed Designs